About Me

KWalker mug.jpg

I’m a versatile commercial photographer and image-maker with a penchant for dogs, bad puns and dad jokes. My specialties include architecture, interiors, food and products, head shots, and corporate portraits. No matter what genre I’m shooting, my priorities are light, composition, and emotion.

I had no choice in becoming an artist. Both of my parents were designers, my aunt is a former art teacher — now a painting restorer — married to a poet. My uncle is a videographer, my grandmother was a portrait painter who trained at the Art Institute of Chicago. My grandfather played trumpet in a Dixieland band into his early 90s, and my great grandfather was a cartoonist. There was really no escaping it -I was going to grow up as a creative artist.

I was introduced to photography in college while studying illustration. It was love at first exposure and in 1991 I began assisting three photographers in a huge studio. Working in the advertising world eventually led me to learn graphic design and over the next couple decades I spent my time working as an art director and illustrator as well. The combination of all three disciplines gives me not only unique a perspective on each project, but helps me collaborate with my clients in a more creative way. With all of that experience, I have worn my clients’ shoes, so I work hard to make each shoot go easy.

I live with my family in Michigan in a small village named Paw Paw and I shoot in the city of Kalamazoo. (Apparently I’m drawn to places with odd names.) I have a Midwesterner’s work ethic and can drive through almost any kind of snow or foul weather to get on location for a shoot.

I was shooting solo one time on location and a sudden thunderstorm appeared. Realizing I had forgotten my umbrella in the car, I dashed into the closest building, which was a dilapidated, abandoned house. While waiting for the storm to pass a curious ghost appeared. He asked what my camera was and thinking this was a great opportunity to get some proof of the supernatural, I asked if I could take his portrait. He readily agreed and once the storm was over I rushed back to my computer to see the results. Unfortunately, all the shots were dark and underexposed. The spirit was willing, but the flash was weak.

I take good photos because as you can see, I'm not going to make it as a standup comedian.