New Work: Funky Patterns

The color and pattern combination on this set of dishes really stood out to my eye. Always on the look-out for something interesting to shoot.


7 Ways To Prepare For A Great Headshot

We’ve all been told, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. A great business portrait is one of those tools for making that great first impression. Here are a few things to keep in mind for you be at your best when the lights are on and the shutter is clicking.

1. Put your phone down and go to bed!
One of the simplest things you can do to look your best for your session is to make sure you get a few good nights’ rest before we shoot. It will do wonders for overall appearance, especially around the eyes. Your eyes are the most important feature in a headshot and some quality sleep for 3-4 days will go a long way toward your eyes looking great. You’ll also find it much easier to relax and enjoy yourself if you are well rested.

2. Stay Thirsty.
Several days before your session, start drinking lots of water. Your skin will look so much healthier when it’s fully hydrated. Combine this with the extra rest you’re going to get and you’ll be looking great when you’re in the studio.

3. Just a little off the top.
Your hair is going to be a big feature in your photo. If you need a haircut, schedule it 4-7 days before the shoot. That will allow it a chance to grow in a little and look more natural. Bring your own brush and hairstyling products to the shoot so you can touch it up if needed. Using your own stuff from home will ensure it looks right to you. Don’t forget to groom the other areas of your face. Men should have a good shave that morning.

4. The clothes make the man (or woman).
Choosing the right wardrobe for your shoot will require some advance planning. First off, make sure you bring clothing that you feel comfortable in and fits well. It’s hard to get a great expression for try camera when you’re feeling uncomfortable. Solid colors work best for photography, but black or white can wash out skin tones so avoid those. Have a close friend or family member help you choose your outfits. That’s right, outfits with an “s”. It’s best if you bring a few things to try out. Finally, make sure everything is properly ironed and pressed. Photoshop can do a lot of great things, but smoothing out wrinkly clothing is challenging.

5. Thick, luscious lashes
When it comes to makeup, natural is the way to go. Keep it as simple as you can. What works for a big night out usually doesn’t look right in a professional portrait. You want to keep the same kind of look that your clients will see when they meet you.

6. Don’t miss the exit
Make sure you know where the shoot is and how long it will take to get there. Planning out your travel so you can arrive on-time and not feel rushed is going to everything in the shoot go better. You want to be relaxed during the shoot so you can look your best.

7. Chill
It’s an odd thing, but most people don’t like having their photo taken. I’m going to give you 100% during the session. Everything I do will revolve around making you look your best. So far, no one’s sat down in front of my camera and broken the lens. Relax and have fun!